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At Phunkmedia we are here to help you through your studies at University, language school or college. We offer a whole range of services to make your life easier.

Printing and Binding

Creating the right impression is crucial especially when you`ve worked hard on an assignment or project. Ensuring you get the professional finish it deserves will enable the greatest impact. As recent graduates we know what a headache it can be to get your dissertation printed on time and without spending a fortune. With evening open hours we can print and bind it professionally to your exact specifications all at competitive prices.

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Shipping and parcel delivery



The Student Hub from Phunkmedia is a leading Southampton parcel delivery service offering reliable worldwide luggage or baggage delivery at cheap prices. Services designed specifically to meet the needs of the students studying in Southampton at the universities, language schools and other educational establishments.

We understand the need for a speedy and simple international and UK parcel delivery service with a drop-off facility, which means you won't have to wait at home for a collection.


Here at The Student Hub we understand that you have loads to think about preparing for and during your time at university/college.

During your course and stay in the city, you are likely to move around from hall of residence to private homes and back again, with three likely changes of address. As a result parcels and important mail could go missing or get lost. The solution is single virtual mailing address for your entire time at University. Refer to prices on our Mailbox page. Students are entitled to a discount with a valid NUS card.

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